Who are we?

Why partners invest

Experimental projects like these potentially affect impact in culture, in society, in industry, and in research. They also produce surprise and learning. Both possibilities drive partnership at a culture lab as they do in most science labs. Le Lab’s current partners range from an international bank, which brings 25 to 30 investment bankers from around the world each quarter to reflect on innovative experiments at the interface between art and science and on what this means to the bank. They include an international NGO interested to find innovative ways to approach global health, universities aiming to provide innovative experiential education, and a major new Asian museum, interested to produce innovative culture programming. Partners invest in the experiments of a culture lab as they do in the present value of tomorrow’s potential. This value derives from a process of creative engagement that widens the scope of culture as we conventionally think of it, being intuitive and analytical, inductive and deductive, comfortable with uncertainty, thriving in ambiguity, and yet able to frame a problem and produce tangible solutions with measurable meaning.

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